Hecate Moon

In astrology, the Scorpio archetype, one of twelve archetypes describing the stages in the human experience, takes us by the hand and leads us into the underworld. Sometimes we are snatched, just as Persephone was in Greek mythology, and brought down into the dark against our will where we are irrevocably changed. Therefore the sign of Scorpio speaks to any experience that transforms us through the shadow, through death and powerful rebirth.

I mention this because today is the New Moon and it falls in the sign of Scorpio. My experience with this archetype expressed via a lunar lens is that of emotional discomfort. Indeed Scorpio speaks to those experiences that are emotionally uncomfortable — sex, death, and soul bearing intimacy. It likes to pick at the scabs and pull out all the thoughts we’ve stashed away in the dark recesses of our psyche. And Scorpio’s sole function is to get us to purge that which no longer serves us just as death naturally transmutes the physical body into another substance.

Obviously the last few six months have been rather emotionally taxing. How could they not. But in every experience there comes a moment where you have to purge — purge the old connections, old hurt, resentment, and grief — in order to fully inhabit a new life. While I’ve felt like I’ve been on the other side of this for a while, I know that there are emotional and psychic debris that need cleaning up.

As I meditated this morning as I usually do, I found myself bursting into deep, heaving sobs. Emotions had been bubbling up all week, uncomfortably so, but this was a full on release. I was surprised at the force in which it took over me — the force in which the emotion flowed out of me like a volcano. And just like that it was over. I breathed calmly feeling a sense of emotional space that had been previously crowded.

Just in time for the New Moon and a new beginning, transformed.

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