Stir Crazy

I’m wearing my three inch, open toe, Kate Spade patent leather stilettos around the apartment because I can. I’m listening to Queen’s greatest hits because I can. I don’t give a fuck that the Giants just won the Super Bowl. Maybe this is what it feels like to bottom out, as Ann Perkins similarly experienced in Season 3 of Parks and Recreation after Chris Traeger dumped her. While I’m not spending $700 on candles, I have been buying lots of clothes from Ann Taylor Loft and jonesing after very impractical purchases. Case in point, I really want an occasion to buy this skirt. It matches my Kate Spade shoes! Or how about this dress! I’ve also been buying lots of lingerie in the event that dating leads to more.

Someone needs to save me.

This is what happens when I spend two days by myself.

Whee! Shopping!

Oh. OH! I just remembered. I’m going to St. John and Tortola in two weeks! Whee!

Maybe shopping and Caribbean travel is my antidote to my burgeoning existential crisis?

Edit: This post may have been influenced by Prosecco, Queen, and too much alone time.

3 thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. Caribbean in February! WONDERFUL for perspective change. Can you hear the drums, Fernando…?

    Also, the skirt is a MUST. BUY IT NOW. 🙂

  2. I’m with you here. Yesterday I spent a small fortune on sexy lingerie. Also, I’ll set foot next week on the South American equivalent to the French Riviera: lots of yachts and trendy people. However, since this is the last stretch of the summer season, it is quite unlikely that I encounter a glamorous lady sunbathing -a string of pearls caressing her nude back (I’ve been reading too much Scott Fitzgerald lately, I realize)- and willing to take a stroll on the beach with me. Still, you never know.
    Hope you have a great time on your side of Paradise!

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