Navel-gazing courtesy of Rouge, a 30-something gay lady, designer, and astrologer (yes, you read correctly) living in Brooklyn. A previous iteration of this blog existed on Blogspot as Post No Bills: New York Adventures in Banality (2004–2010), which was about dating, drinking, New York, and getting in trouble with the ladies.

It’s safe to say that this iteration is going to be quite out-there in terms of thinking and content. But this is the price you pay for going down the rabbit hole with me. Expect brutal emotional honesty, confessionals, dream imagery, and conversations with the other side. The Poison is the Medicine explores things that are uncomfortable in order to transcend my own self imposed limitations.


Ms. K (aka K): Partner of four years, now ex-partner. Close friend.

Harley: 8-year-old golden retriever.

Dennise: Former college classmate and close friend currently living in Cleveland. Geneticist, giver of level-headed objective opinions.

Jess: One third of a love triangle. Ms. K’s paramour.

Holly: Object of misplaced affection and delusional longing. Real life Craigslist Missed Connection. (2005–2007)

Fake Girlfriend (aka Ms. Lawyer, Lawyer Girl, Laura): Object of misplaced affection. Quasi-girlfriend whom I dated without actually dating. (2007)