Hecate Moon

In astrology, the Scorpio archetype, one of twelve archetypes describing the stages in the human experience, takes us by the hand and leads us into the underworld. Sometimes we are snatched, just as Persephone was in Greek mythology, and brought down into the dark against our will where we are irrevocably changed. Therefore the sign of Scorpio speaks to any experience that transforms us through the shadow, through death and powerful rebirth.

I mention this because today is the New Moon and it falls in the sign of Scorpio. My experience with this archetype expressed via a lunar lens is that of emotional discomfort. Indeed Scorpio speaks to those experiences that are emotionally uncomfortable — sex, death, and soul bearing intimacy. It likes to pick at the scabs and pull out all the thoughts we’ve stashed away in the dark recesses of our psyche. And Scorpio’s sole function is to get us to purge that which no longer serves us just as death naturally transmutes the physical body into another substance. Continue reading

"You might have to hand hold me a little on my birthday."

I’ve been feeling weird today. Maybe it’s the crazy election vibe in the air or maybe it’s PMS or maybe it’s the heavyweight Saturn/Uranus opposition. Or maybe all three. When I went out at lunch to grab a sandwich I felt so sad — achingly sad — and panicked. But why? Today is election day and a day that possibly will bring long sought after good news. Then it struck me.

I’m going to be 30 in 13 days.

I started to silently freak out then and there on 34th Street.

I fought back tears and the irrational fear that was going to end up old and alone but it pounded at my fragile emotional state as I struggled to remind myself of the obvious — I’m very much not alone.

C’mon, Rouge. Shake it off! Get a hold of yourself!

In all seriousness I don’t normally care about the big 3-0, but for some reason I did today, some reason I felt the specter of mortality like a punch to the gut. I still don’t have birthday plans ironed out other than a vague idea that I want a party and an even vaguer idea of who would actually show up.

I’ll pull myself together soon enough.

"People don’t say what they mean, or mean what they say!"

Fucking Mercury retrograde!

Mercury what?

You know, Mercury retrograde. The time when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the sky. Mercury rules communication, thinking, and travel. When Mercury does the wonky, as it has been since May 26th, these areas in life go haywire such as lost emails, delayed trains, and rampant miscommunication. Take the last couple of weeks for me:

* The car battery died.
* My cell phone battery died.
* My internet at home died.
* Electronic PayPal receipts have gone missing.
* My stimulus check is God knows where.

I think other things have happened, but I’m too irritated to remember.