November 13, 2004: I move from Washington DC to Bushwick, Brooklyn

November 26: 2004: I start my first blog, Post No Bills: New York Adventures in Banality

March 2005: I reconnect with Holly, my Craigslist Missed Connection

October 31, 2005: I move to Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

November 17, 2005: On my birthday, while horribly intoxicated, I make a move on Holly only for her to tell me she is secretly dating her boss

January 5, 2006: I launch Operation Find the Lesbians (OFTL), a new year’s resolution to meet and date and end my then three year dry spell

March 6, 2006: I end my three year dry spell with a short lived relationship with Anne

May 19, 2006: I start dating Val

June 18, 2006: Val blows me off, breaking up with me in the most reprehensible way by not returning my phone call and email

July 27, 2006: I launch Operation Find a Girlfriend (OFAG)

August 26, 2006: I hook up with Holly even though I should know better

October 28, 2006: Realize that Holly either has been lobotomized or has zero interest in me sexually

November 17, 2006: Burlesque birthday!

November 30, 2006: I burn out on dating

December 11, 2006: I end whatever dumb attempt at dating Holly and I are doing

April 27, 2007: I restart OFAG

July 17, 2007: I meet Ms. K

September 6, 2008: Ms. K and I move in together in Kensington, Brooklyn

October 28, 2009: Ms. K and I secretly marry in Connecticut

November 29, 2009: Ms. K and I move to Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

April 2011: Ms. K and I, after much negotiation, agree to an open relationship

May 2011: Ms. K meets Jess and starts dating her

August 4, 2011: Ms. K and I break up

December 5, 2011: Ms. K moves out